Company Overview

Successfully maintained a steady fast

growth for the past decade and built

a beneficial relationship with local

communities and the surrounding environment.

Our Business

The oil palm plantation of PT Tintin Boyok Sawit Makmur (PT. TBSM) covers approximately 6,000 hectares (including plasma). Our main activities consist of planting and harvesting oil palm trees, processing fresh fruit bunches (FFB) into palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PK), to processing them into industrial and consumer products such as cooking oil, margarine, shortening, biodiesel and oleochemicals. , as well as trade in palm-based products around the world. PT. TBSM also operates 1 palm oil mill in Indonesia.

Building picture

PT. TBSM Has several facilities for its own employees, as the first example PT. TBSM has a clinic to ensure the health of all employees of PT. TBSM, the second is PT. TBSM has a Cooperative for food needs for its employees, the third is PT. TBSM has a school for children, and most recently PT. TBSM has a prayer room for Muslim employees.

Company Clinic

Enterprise cooperative

children's school

prayer room